We are a company dedicated to making hair and residual cleaning products, they are Complejo Capilar 4 DIAS (Complex Hair 4 DAYS) and RemediaTEc.

  • In the capillary area we have the product Complejo Capilar 4  DIAS, (Complex Hair 4 DAYS).
  • In the area of Residual cleaning we have the RemediaTec product, (RemediaTec-Desengrasante).



Develop and create definitive and immediate contributions solutions to the problems of oil polution, respecting and protecting the environment.

                                     “Be a reference to remediation solution”


We hold with pride the global lidership as a manufacturer of chemicals hig impact products and immediately resolution.

                                  “We are synonymuous of quality…………

                                                                                                     We are what we do”

Quallity Policy

Accomplish with exactitude what we offer, always improving our products, processes and services based on continued research, protecting and respecting the environment.


We are a “green” company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of basic and secondary chemical products.