Frequently Asked Questions



What is the recommended dosage?
During the first week recommended 5oz fasting or night, in the second week resting Saturday and Sunday.

How many shots from the compound you start seeing results?
At Second day they begin to feel effects, a marked improvement.

What are their compounds?
Plant extracts.

Can be diluted?
Preferably no.

Can I divide the dose into several doses per day?
Yes, it is important to take the full dose.

Can I become a distributor?
Yes, we are looking for you.

What other benefits do you have?
The Cell reconstitution attracts many benefits throughout the body, the key is consistency and frequency.

Can I take Q40 if I am pregnant?
Not considered to have side effects for you or he drinks.

Who can take it?
Maybe take anyone, no age limit.

Do I have to leave my treatment?
Not require you to stop treatment.

How do I know if I am eligible to take?
People who have been judged as diabetics and those with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and rheumatoid arthritis, need to rebuild their cellular tissue in those specific areas. And that’s what Q40 intends to do.

Do I have to change my eating habits to take it?
No, but we recommend monitoring you’re eating habits.

Do I need to refrigerate the compound?
It’s advisable since it contains no preservatives and greatly improves the flavor.

Can I take a larger dose than recommended to accelerate the treatment?
It’s possible, but always contact us for better advice.

Can I drink alcohol and take Q40?
Not affect, but we do not advice.

Can I drink Q40, if I have others illnesses?
Yes you can, and perhaps to better recovery.