Clean the cell, reconstituting.

The Cell

 We define the cell as the morphological and functional unit of all living things, the cell is the smallest element that can be considered alive.

The structure is self-maintained actively by metabolism, the cordinaccon sure all cellular elements and through perpetuation replication encoded by a nucleic acid genome.

Cells are the basic modules of all tissues and organs of humans and all other organisms. They appeared 3.5 billion year ago.


Operation Cell

Key Features:

  1. The cell is the smallest unit of an organism, able to act autonomously to stay alive.
  2. Has ability to duplicate themselves.
  3. All living organisms are composed of cells.
  4. Bacteria and protozoa are living organisms that have only one cell.
  5. çAnimals and plants consist of millions of cells organized into tissues and organs.
  6. Viruses that perform many of the functions of cells are not considered living.
  7. They shapes and sizes varied from less than 1 micron (one millionth of a meter) to several meters.

Inside a cell a number of chemical compounds allowing them to occur:

  1. Grow up.
  2. Produce energy.
  3. Reproduce.
  4. Keep your identity.
  5. Remove waste.
  6. The set of these chemical reactions is called them metabolism.


Cell Reproduction:



Patent of decomposition of hydrocarbons

Object of the invention:

The object of this is to protect a procedure for obtaining an oxidizing aliphatic bodies.

One advantage the present invention showing, disengaging the chain is characteristic of the structure of the oil (fat) and other elements at the time this happens instead remain in the various minerals, leaving a base of natural nutrients aliphatic bodies thus begins the speedy recovery of bodies (cells), ceasing to be fatty.

Improved system for the oxidation of aliphatic bodies that causes a reduction in the bodies of hydrocarbons on contact releasing contaminated bodies.

This surfactant upon contact with hydrocarbon induces the emulsion while the oxidation occurs, the molecular linking the carbon particles by dissolving aliphatic and thus separates the components of the large chain fats comprising particular aliphatic chains bodies, this way and there is no grease.



Eliminates insulin dependency


It is called insulin-dependent individuals who causes various need of external or artificial insulin to maintain controlled glucose levels in the body (Glucose), this means, that you cannot do without insulin and can only be insulin administered compensated. Insulin is a hormone in the digestive system that has the mission of facilitating glucose circulating in the blood into the cells and is utilized as energy.

Insulin is secreted by the pancreas. This hormone is essential for the proper functioning of the body: allows sugar (glucose) in the blood from penetrating inside the cells, which use it for energy. When insulin production does not exist or is negligible, the blood sugar rises abnormally high (hyperglycemia).


With Compuesto Q40 let’s stop being insulin and have a better quality of life, that is, without pickets or needlesticks.

It is 100% natural


Compuesto Q40 it is a 100% natural, that is to say , a compound or substance produced by a living organism found in nature, as it is in, flora, fauna, soil, etc., thus has many rich properties.

Compuesto Q40 aliphatic clean cell bodies, which already clean, and begins to regenerate their job function begins to 100%, thus, the body starts to feel pleasant from the first week.

No side effects


Compuesto Q40, and causes no side effects, this is based on its preparation that is 100% natural, free of preservatives.

When first starting treatment only thing that will be reflected is the stability and good functioning of the organism. No side effects, we are free from various harmful and annoying symptomatology, and to be free of these effects, we have better quality of life.



Compuesto Q40 has been made with natural extracts meaning that is 100% friendly to the human body, is one of the most powerful antioxidants found in nature from Chihuahua desert plants.

It is a powerful antioxidant

Antioxidants protect the body from free radicals, which are reactive species that can damage the body through a process called oxidation.

These are molecules that have lost an electron which makes them very unstable (something like a chair that has lost a leg).

This makes the remaining unpaired electron, in doing so, can completely alter the function or structure of the molecule, thereby altering the cells completely causing oxidative stress and lipoperoxidation being caused inside, contributing to the generation of this a wide range of diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc.

There are substances that help prevent this process are called antioxidants.

Restore quality of life

When we talk about quality of life, whether of a person or group of persons, comfortable, pleasant and satisfying. One of the greatest features to their quality of life is health, being Compuesto Q40 which regain their quality of life.

Diabetes syndrome disappears

Compuesto Q40 to clean cells stops the continued deterioration of various organs generated by the diabetic syndrome.

Here’s how the Compuesto Q40 will help you regain your health, NOT A DRUG, otherwise a cell restorative.

It works at any age

Compuesto Q40, IS NOT A DRUG OR SUBSTANCE OF DOPING, that is to say, should not pose a danger to the body, therefore, should not mean problems at any age.

In contrast, Compuesto Q40, help at any age, because syndromes do not distinguish whether a child, youth or adult.